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Getting back into 40k
Templars are GW’s long lost love child - so I am thinking Eldar as a side option. 
Any suggestions for some models people would like to see painted up?

This blog will begin to move again. Have a lot more malifaux to put up, shift work and life has bitten into my painting time and I’ve had even less time to game on the table. 
Will work on a few more pictures in the coming days.

Almost took a drink from my water pot

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Step 1: Accentuating the edgesHaving finished the light reflexes on the surfaces it´s time for accentuating the edges of the armour. Therefore I use a mix of Fortress Grey and Bleached Bone which is watered down a little bit, but not to “runny”. So paint with the flat side of the brush and only little amount ouf color around all important edges an put some dots onto the rivets. Be careful to make the accents as narrow and decent as possible! Step 2: Sponge(bob) techniqueI used to use an old blister sponge for this, but in the times of “fine”cast it´s quite hard to get your hands on those :-(. My wife uses some yellow square kitchen sponges for washing up (really looking much like Spongebob [I mean the sponge, not my wife!!!]). Those are great surrogates. I tear of a little bit, take it with the pincers and dip it into pure, unthinned Chaos Black. Then I remove the recesses by pressing it onta some kitchen paper, before carefully, I repeat CAREFULLY, applying my battledamage to the armour by dipping the sponge onto the surfaces. Really: BE CAREFUL! You don´t want to destroy your work you´ve done before. On the other hand, battledamage is quite helpful to cover minor mistakes at the light reflexes. Great. If you want to have a more scratchy look, then you can use a detail brush to paint on some more damagey by hand.Step 3: Accentuating the battledamageNow you apply thin lines (the thinner, the better!) directly under the black dots and scratches. Therefore you should use the mixture of Step 1 of this tutorial. Et violà, battledamage is finished. Surely you could go further, adding some rusty pigments or start with oil colors so that the damage looks older and more grimy. But I don´t want that on my templars and so, it´s time to stop here and finish all the other details on the mini :-)

Black Ork Waaghboss

Someone teach me how to Non-Metalic Metal? 
Also, I promise I’ll be getting back into painting soon! 

A Song of Life and Death


North Pole Chapter Master :D

Omg space marine Santa….I’m half tempted to do a conversion now….

Wargaming and Beer: Wargaming give away


So I will be running a wargaming give away after all.

So there will be couple options for the victor:

1. A starter for Infinity, Firestorm Armada, Malifaux, Warmahordes or Dystopian wars.

2. A HQ unit converted to your specifications for Warhammer/40k

Please keep your ask box open if you want…

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Lady Justice and Scales of Justice
Works in progress, but mostly finished.  

Work in progressJudge - Lady Justice’s Crew, The Guild. 

Been a bit quiet on the posting as of lately, here are my latest projects.

Skinwalker is complete with the exception of a basing scheme

Death Jester I started yesterday and am in the process of changing the flames from blue/green to yellow/red.


What piece of circle would my followers like to see painted up next?
  1. Lord of the Feast
  2. Pureblood Warpwolf (Grey —> White)
  3. Moshar The Desertwalker
  4. Krueger the Stormwraith

I will throw up some photos of the Skinwalker I finished tomorrow night.

Some Circle Orboros I worked on today. Obviously need to work on basing for the whole army.
Up next will be the Skinwolves. 


Tabletop quality Warcaster painted in 2 hours. Will need to come back to this one a little later, just desperately needed some paint - was looking so plain on the table otherwise.
Project I knocked out over the long weekend. Expect a few more updates for circle soon. Druids are almost finished.
Malifaux - All is assembled and will be painted once circle is done
Fantasy - Ogres are all but done, message me if you want photos!